Allison Arnett Nutrition is an established nutrition consulting practice.  Allison offers corporate consulting and wellness program advisory services for various businesses including meal planning services, restaurants, hotels, and schools.  

Allison also creates customized corporate and group presentations and has shared her knowledge with groups of all sizes.

Areas of Professional Consulting:

  • Recipe Development and Nutrition Analysis
  • Nutrition Communications
  • Public Speaking
  • Workplace Wellness program planning, development and delivery

Satisfied clients include:

  • The Fresh 20
  • Eisner Amper
  • Health Solutions
  • Delphi
  • General Motors
  • Karelia


Allison Arnett is the ideal dietitian to bring into the workplace. She does a tremendous job of taking complex nutrition science and making it accessible to busy, working professionals. In addition, she is very adaptable to the needs of clients; creating presentations and documents based upon their requests. I highly recommend Allison as a nutrition educator for your business or organization.
Nichole Smith Anderson
Program Cooridnator
Delphi LiveWell
Allison has been a wonderful asset to our team of vendors.  After her first presentation, employees were immediately requesting regular workshops.  Allison’s wealth of knowledge and ability to tailor programs to suit the population, is priceless!
Chelsea VonFintel
Program Coordinator
GM Life Steps/Health Solutions