About Me

Allison Arnett Nutrition is a nutrition consulting practice based in Fairfield County, CT and New York City.

Allison’s love of cooking began in the kitchen with her Sicilian grandmother. A high school athlete, Allison was exposed at an early age to the demands of athletic performance but it was awhile later, as an adult that Allison developed an interest in the way in which nutrition and overall health can impact everyday performance and athletic performance.

Allison worked in the New York City hospitality industry for many years before returning to school to pursue a degree in nutrition. Allison has a keen understanding of the impact of a demanding work schedule on health and, as a working mom of 2 young children, is comfortable creating practical plans for families. Allison constantly works to motivate individuals to make healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. Closely aligned with her work, in her free time, Allison is usually found playing outside with her kids, going out for a run and testing new recipes for her own family and her clients.

Allison is recognized for her work with a diverse group of corporate clients, creating wellness experiences that combine practical evidence-based information and tangible solutions. Whether a client needs recipes analyzed, a blog post or an entire wellness program, Allison has a breadth of experience customizing nutrition solutions that make an impact.

Allison graduated from New York University with a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition and completed her dietetic internship at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, The University Hospitals of Cornell and Columbia. She has held clinical positions at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Beaumont Health Systems and St. Vincent’s Hospital. In addition to maintaining her national credentials, she is also a member of the Connecticut Dietetic Association, the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group and the Food and Culinary Professionals Practice Group.